Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Darwin August 2008

Darwin August 4th 2008

Well we find ourselves after an amazing couple of weeks since leaving Broome in very warm Darwin. We are pretty close to as far north in Australia as we will go. It feels a long way from home when you have driven.

We last signed off at Broome. We spent our last few days riding camels on the beach at sunset, watching the Staircase to the moon (reflection of rising moon on Roebuck mudflats) really stunning and swimming at Cable beach.

From Broome we head off to Derby and the start of the Gibb River Road and the Kimberley. We are now well and truly in Crocville. We arrived at the amazing Winjana Gorge. At first just an impressive gorge, at second glance home to 100+ large freshwater crocodiles that you can walk very close to. The kids loved it. From here we head to Tunnel Creek. This 750m long creek tunnel runs under a mountain range. Sounds nice except you have to wade through cold water in pitch black darkness that is home to Fresh water crocodiles and bats just to top off the scary experience. It got the heart racing especially with Harry the prankster. Kids loved it.

Over a week we then head through Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek, to the Purunlulu National Park or the Bungle Bungles as we all know. We left our van and took in our tent and drove some pretty crazy tracks to view this impressive site. The walks here we stunning and the Bungles breathtaking to say the least.

Off to the East Kimberley, Kununara, regroup and fuel up. Scrub ourselves of red dust. Kununara was moist and green after the red of the Kimberley. Off the El Questro next. This special station was incredible. Amazing gorge walks with refreshing pools to swim in and water falls. Also Hot Springs amongst palms and gorges. The camp ground was one of the best we stayed at complete with croc free swimming hole. Grassy sites and tall trees. Wyndam was a drive. Next off to Lake Argyle, an amazing inland sea and dam wall. We did some huge kilometers from here and finally crossed the border and entered the Northern Territory. Exciting as we have been in WA for a long time. We loved it but it is huge.

Our first stop at NT was Katherine. Again stunning warm Hot Springs, we will return here to do the National Parks. Nice to swim in the 35 degree weather. So here we are now in Darwin. The Kimberley was amazing, especially for sea lovers like ourselves who struggle inland.

Darwin is a lovely city, warm, green lots of places to swim and feels similar in size to Geelong.

Thank you for your emails they are great, we miss you all heaps. Can you believe we left home over 6 months ago now!!! Until we next write love to you all.


Weiry and Mandy said...

Hi guys!
Sounds like you are having a ball, especialy Piper & Marlon. Has the Toyota clocked 100k yet? Grwat seing all the fantastc photos except for Harry's ugly mooch.
Winter has been extremely cold bt also warm, if you can stay in the sun. Work is hotting up for me and Mandy is flat out, as usual.
If you get to Sydney by October Harry I can take you to the Sleaze Ball. Up for it?
Take care and love seeing and reading about all your adventures.
Lots of love,
Weiry & Mandy

mcauleyk said...

Hi Harrisons, looks like you are having a fantastic time. We've tracked your trip all the way along so far, and the kids have loved seeing the photos of Piper and Marlon. We are heading off on the 30th of this month and will be in Darwin on the 13th of September. Drop us a line on mcauleyk@iprimus.com.au to let us know where you will be and a contact number.
Keiran Kerry Chiara and Lauren