Sunday, March 30, 2008

viva peru

Hi everyone

well here we are in very hot and sunny peru. We have been here nearly a week now and it has been crazy. Surf has been great, an amazing amount of great breaks, people really friendly. Very dry. had excitemnet if you call it that of two earthquakes 5.5 of ricter scale!!!! One during middle of night where we just lie in bed trying to fathom what was going on adn one at breakfast where we couldnt get out of the concrete death box quick enough. Very scary, normal here but not for us. We are all ok and apparently they come in twos pop out of place then back into place. Staying in cool place clean and nice. Pool and right at the contest break. Contest begins tommorow. had opening cermony, like surfing olympics. Really big deal, team parades with flags exhibitions. Twenty counteries competeing Peru is now recognised as the home of surfing in latin America. Country clubs on beach. Settling into place, my nerves are easing. Hope all is great at home. Missing you all heaps

Mel, harry, Piper and Marlon

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peru Peru Peru 27th March

Hi everyone

Well we are now on planet Mars, no only joking it just looks like it. We are on the West coast of peru south of Lima at El Silencio. It is really warm and humid despite being like a desert. The kids were amazing on the 36 hour joruney here, not a squeak out of them. I think they have recovered quicker too. Our Spanish is improving by the minute as very limited english is spoken which is great. Surf is amazing, point breaks everywhere and huge, first day 10-12 ft. No onshore breezes, glassy all day, not many surfers.

Lima is like the wild west to look at but the people are freindly and love children. They are not as shocked by the blonde hair as I thought. Piper and marlon are loving the experience. Contest starts in a few days should be great, huge event, people from everywhere.

Sorry for not being able to catch up with anyone when in melbourne we were running organising Peru.

Will keep in touch, have another 9 days here then head for the Andes, Cuzco and machu Pichu.

Love to you all

Melis, Harry, Pipers and Marlon XX

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Home sweet home!!! If only for a few days

Hi Hi Everyone

wEll strangely enough we now find ourselves back in Melbourne after a huge effort. Great to be home, but weather extremly hot. Great to see family. The peninsula to beautiful but dry. Will be spending a couple of days getting organised then flying to Peru over easter via LA. Tha above of pictures from the Margaret River region. The first at the Lake cave. Amazing! The other was taken at the top of the tallest lighthouse in Australia at Cape Leewin. It is the most South west point of our continent. At this point the Indian ocean warm currents and Cooler Southern ocean currents meet. Creating aparently amazing amounts and varieties of sea life. We send you all our love over Easter and are thinking of you all. until next time!
The Happy Harrisons

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Margaret River WA 11 march

Hi everyone, sorry havent blogged for a week, been very bust organising our trip to Peru. Harry made the Australian Surf masters team and we are all off to Peru for the World masters titles on the 24th March for a month with a layover in LA, with the mandatory disney trip. Things are great we followed the western australian southern coast through bremer bay, denmark, Parrys beach, Albany to Margaret River. The day we arove the swell was a solid 1o ft at main break. We have been staying at prevelly park, which is in a great spot. The surf has been great, warm and fun. We have caught up with lots of ex viccos, douga simpson, bebbo, simon froud, ronnie roozen to namje a few. Kids are loving been in the one place for a while. Been caving, and climbing lighthouses at Cape Leewin. Fly home to Melbourne next week and fly to Peru from Melbourne. Love to you all.

Lots of Love Mel, H, Piper and Marlon xxxxx