Sunday, March 30, 2008

viva peru

Hi everyone

well here we are in very hot and sunny peru. We have been here nearly a week now and it has been crazy. Surf has been great, an amazing amount of great breaks, people really friendly. Very dry. had excitemnet if you call it that of two earthquakes 5.5 of ricter scale!!!! One during middle of night where we just lie in bed trying to fathom what was going on adn one at breakfast where we couldnt get out of the concrete death box quick enough. Very scary, normal here but not for us. We are all ok and apparently they come in twos pop out of place then back into place. Staying in cool place clean and nice. Pool and right at the contest break. Contest begins tommorow. had opening cermony, like surfing olympics. Really big deal, team parades with flags exhibitions. Twenty counteries competeing Peru is now recognised as the home of surfing in latin America. Country clubs on beach. Settling into place, my nerves are easing. Hope all is great at home. Missing you all heaps

Mel, harry, Piper and Marlon

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mcauleyk said...

Hi Guys, we have been following your trip from the start and it is nearly time for ours! We leave on the 30th for Adelaide, then Coober Pedy and Alice by Sept 2. We get into Darwin on the 13th Sept. Where are you going next and what timings do you have? Would love to catch up if we can. Kerry and Keiran