Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peru Peru Peru 27th March

Hi everyone

Well we are now on planet Mars, no only joking it just looks like it. We are on the West coast of peru south of Lima at El Silencio. It is really warm and humid despite being like a desert. The kids were amazing on the 36 hour joruney here, not a squeak out of them. I think they have recovered quicker too. Our Spanish is improving by the minute as very limited english is spoken which is great. Surf is amazing, point breaks everywhere and huge, first day 10-12 ft. No onshore breezes, glassy all day, not many surfers.

Lima is like the wild west to look at but the people are freindly and love children. They are not as shocked by the blonde hair as I thought. Piper and marlon are loving the experience. Contest starts in a few days should be great, huge event, people from everywhere.

Sorry for not being able to catch up with anyone when in melbourne we were running organising Peru.

Will keep in touch, have another 9 days here then head for the Andes, Cuzco and machu Pichu.

Love to you all

Melis, Harry, Pipers and Marlon XX

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