Sunday, November 2, 2008

Broken Head NSW November 2008

Broken Head with Kirsty (Clay better half!!)
Harrison, Nicol and Poole kids
Piper @ Broken Head beachies
The Cape @ Byron
Marlon putting it up!
Broken Head
Our daily HOT bucket baths!
Harry and Clay
The Pass
Harry @ The Pass
The Pass line up
Piper @ Lennox Head
Lennox pumping
Jimmy Neutron @ Dreamworld
The Giant Drop Pipers Fav!?@#!
Harrison & Sykes kids@ Miami
Love across the great divide even after this year!

Hello everyone, today we write to you from Broken Head. A lovely little spot 5km south of Byron Bay for those not familiar. We have as usual had a great couple of weeks. Plenty of surfing and playing. Last time we blogged we were off to Dreamworld. We had a great day here. Harry and Piper especially going on all the scary rides. Piper is a real dare devil. She went on The Giant Drop (a free falling elevator seat drop 39 stories high 7 times (harry got the boohaas after 2 and Piper did it 5 times alone)!!!! Along with every other scary ride. Melis wouldn’t even go on it. We spent the afternoon at the water park, going down the drain hole on big floaty things and riding the blue ringed octopus.

The days that followed were wet, but with the promise of a rising swell we stayed optimistic. We were surfing twice a day at the Superbank and loving it despite the crowds. Last Friday the swell was forecast to rise. It did and we got nice 3-4 ft waves at the superbank. Melis was stoked as she got to surf with Steph Gilmore (World womens champ!) We left the same day and head to Broken Head. We set up and head down to Lennox for a squiz and were greet with nice 4-5 ft waves and 5 people. Harry had a blast. Thinking the swell had peaked we were amazed to wake the next morning to bigger swell. Harry surfed Lennox Head 6 foot with a couple of sneakers. (See pics) Harry and Melis then surfed great waves at The Pass @ Byron with a million other punters but it was good. The swell dropped quite quickly after that but we still get to all surf everyday a couple of times so we cant complain, especially in warm water!

Broken Head has been great. It has been quite social. We have caught up with the Zorics and had fun with Clay, Kirsty, Pete, Lisa. This week Robyn, Chris, Beth, Josh and Tassie Nicol, Jo, Nick, Georgia, Lucy and Ben Poole and have also graced us with there presence, great fun and games. We also were able to catch up with Nicky, Lakes, Georgia and Victoria O’Neill which was a pleasure. On the Goldy we also got to spend some great days with Mingo, Sharon, Shannon, Shawn and Shay Sykes which was a a lot of laughs and games. Really lovely to catch up with great friends from home.

Halloween was a blast. Despite the sever lack of dressups we managed to get the spook show happening for the Harrisons. Ooooooo Ghostly Mars and Piper Mummy gave us all nightmares!!!

Next we continue our southern migration to Angourie and Yamba which should be fantastic.

Lastly a huge Happy 50th Birthday to our mate Scratch, we miss you and know you had a great one!

Have a great Cup day. Until next time, love to you all

Darty, The Big H, Pipitity Pop and Mars Bar XXX