Monday, April 14, 2008


Hola amingos from South America.

well the trip continues its amzing journey. The contest finished about 9 days ago. It was fantastic. Our Ausssie team came 2nd overall and harry 10th after doing his back in the middle of the contest. We then head to the Mountains of Cuzco at 3500m with Lloydy. Amazing place. Went up to machu Picchu and were completely blown away, the whole country just knocks your socks off with contrasts. Mountains, Jungles to desert. Machu pichu was just incredible, better than I could have imagined. Kids have had a blast. Loving all the ruins, climbing and spanish. They are travelling amaing. really lapping up the experinece. Both are speaking spanish. marlon introduces himself as Nombre (name) Marlon, Hola (hello), Gracias (thanks). Amazing really. Weather is very warm we packed too many warm clothes. Heading back south to the beaches for a couple of days before flying to LA on Friday night. Caught up with Dartys friend patty which has been great. Missing everyone heaps, feels like we have been away forever. Thansk for the emails.

Love and hugs to everyone

Melis, harry, Piper and Marlon xxxx

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Weiry & Mandy said...

Hey Harrisons!! Love the pictures of Piper. Well I'm in Perth waitng for you but you're having a ball in Peru, Haryy you have avoidance issues, looks like I'l be back in Sydney before you get back to Perth, bugger!
4 weeks and we'll be in Thailand, Mandy can't wait, she's been flat out at work, as I have been and will be until we leave. Saints beat the Bombers last night.
Loving you diary notes & love to all,
Weiry & Mandy