Monday, April 28, 2008

back in oz

Hello friends and family

well after the journey of a lifetime we are back in freezing melbourne. We had the most incredible trip. The contest was amazing. Despite harrys alimemts it was amazing. Piper carried Aussie flag for cermony. She was the Face of Australia!!! Australian team came second. The aussie team members were great to go away with, the surf fantastic, peru amzing. After the contest finished we head to Cuzco and Manchu Picchu. This was incredible. We were at 3500-4200 metres. The alitude really affected the adults kids were great. So Lloydy came with the harrisons. We toured the Sacred Valley and ruins around cuzco which which mindless. We then caught the train through amzing jungle and mountains to Machu Picchu. This just left you speechless. See the pics. Then back to cuzco then back to lima where we had a great time with Patty dartys peruian friend. After a fab time there we flew to Los angeles. We flew over night and drove straight from LA to San Francisco. Spent Harry Birthday the San Fran. The drove on down the coast to LA, which is awesome through monterray and carmel. On arrival back to LA we did Disneyland which the kids loved big and small. 13 hour day, every ride. A then didnt wast a minute and head down to San Diego. Harry was surfing La Jolla 1 km away from where the guy was fatally taken by white pointer. Off to seaworld. Killer whales were great. We all got to hand feed and pat dolphins which was incredible. Spent last day in Newport beach with Juju then flew at midnight home. We have not waste a minute. It was crazy but fantastic. The kids were awesome, loved it all, soaked the experience up like a sponge. Missing you all and thinking of you often. Fly back to perth on Thursady and resume our around australia trip, just for something different. We are living the year of our life!! LOve to you all.

Melis, Harry, Piper and Marlon XXXX


Weiry & Mandy said...

Hi Harrisons,
Glad to hear you're all home safely, photos are fantastic, especially the Australian Team, you would have ruined the photo if your head was in it Harry, but hilarious all the same.
2 weeks to go and we're off, can't wait, 4 weeks away from work!!!!
Will give you a call in the next day or so.
Love to all

Scratch said...

Where are you?I look every day but dont see an update.Come on Mel get up to date.Itch

Scratch said...

The Griswalds are MIA