Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Weiry and Mandy said...

Hi Harrisons,
great to talk to you the other night before heading off to see Paul Weller. I couldn't believe he played Eton Rifles after you mentioned it to me Mark, great show though.
Pictures are fantastic, however I can't find the surfing one in Arnham Land, I'd like to see that.
Glad you're all safely acros to the east coast and we look forward to seeing you all in Sydney. By the way Harry, it's a bloody long way from Narrabeen Caravan Park to our place.
Lots of love,
Weiry & Mandy

kath, cousy + kids said...

Hi Harry's!
Well, I'm finally online again...great to see your photos and read your blog...ahh...the memories...I'm sitting on the heater, had Lije at home today with a good dose of the flu...have been searching the net researching our next trip- Europe?! I need a holiday!...Mum is doing OK, now in rehab in Kew. When I haven't been there, I've either been at work or helping Steve get back into the shop (the figures were up while we were away, so I think we should just keep travelling...) We bought a block on Friday and will start building within the next year. I'm going to check out beach house constructions- Phillip Island next week (with Mark & Melissa...scarey isn't it?!) Make sure you stay a night (or more?!) in Inverloch on your way back, you can park your van next to ours (which we still haven't finished unpacking as we haven't had a day at home without pouring rain!)I did get the Prado detailed which was really nice, but they couldn't get the red mud stains from Kariniji out of the carpet! I think of you guys each time I give someone else a bottle of fifth leg red as a 'Oh, I got you this in WA- thanks for all of your help while we were away'...I got our local bottlo to get me a case!...Steve has been to the snow heaps but we are waiting until the better Spring weather to get the kids to Buller, haven't got anywhere near the water!
Marlon & Piper look like they have grown heaps, everyone said how much how kids had gown and we were only away for four months! Let us know when you plan on getting to Crescent, we hope to get back there this year...I'd better keep checking the emails...hope to chat again soon... cheers, Kath, Cousy & Kids xxxx

tiger39 said...

Hi Harrisons
Got your blog site from Lou & Brett.
Interestigg stuff
George & Fran