Sunday, July 20, 2008

Broome WA 20 july 08

Broome WA 18 July 2008
Well we write again from Broome. A lovely station on beautiful beaches with a fantastic climate. Weather is nothing short of perfect. 28-30 degree breathless days, no flies or bugs. Last time we wrote we had just arrived at Exmouth. Exmouth initially appeared to be a bland and seemingly uninteresting place, but after 10 days here we all feel the complete opposite. We stayed at the lighthouse caravan park out of town on the edge of Cape Range National park. Here we met up with our friend Frank Hayter. Frank went to Peru with us. We had several good surfs at the dunes about 5 minutes away and Harry surfed Yardie Creek several times and enjoyed it. We went into Cape Range National Park every day where the kids could surf a great surf break at Wobbiri in clear warm water with turtles to keep them company. We did lots of snorkeling particularly at Turquoise bay where you do a drift dive. We saw lots of turtles, sharks, dugongs and fish. Really fantastic. Nice warm clear water too!!

Half way through our time at Exmouth we decided to snorkel with the whale sharks. Initially only Melis and Piper were going but we decided all to do it, which was fab. With another family we have been traveling with the Schindlers we embark on one of the most amazing experiences of our life. It was incredible. You are on a boat about 3 km off the coast, at the back of Ningaloo reef standing on the marlin board (step at the back of the boat) waiting for the big GOGOGO!!! Off you all jump, look down at a bottom you cannot see then focus ahead, within 30 seconds a huge 10 metre long 4 m girth whale sharks swims straight for you. You are within 3 metres of the shark with your heart in your mouth. Moments later you are right beside the shark and swimming frantically along side trying to keep up. Which you do for 10 minutes then group together like bait and wait for the boat to pick you up. Incredible. We do this 6 times which was amazing getting longer each time and on different whalesharks. Second time we could see the bottom of the sea which was a bit weird, along with turtles and reef sharks swimming by, but you are way too busy being gobsmacked by the whaleshark. You could see the outline of the whaleshark from the boat. Piper loved the experience. She is one brave kid not hesitating for a second at any point. After we finished diving the whale sharks, the boat went in search of Manta Rays. Apparently they had been scarce this season, but not that day. The boat found 4! All of us including Marlon went looking for them. After 3 false starts we were amongst these huge flying sea giants. The swam figure eights around the group coming close enough to touch. Incredible. Piper said after getting out the water that the Manta Rays were better than Disneyland!! We were all stoked!!

After a few more days hanging at the Cape Range National Park, surfing and snorkeling we said goodbyes to our mate Frankie and head 600km inland for Tom Price and Karijini National Park. Tom Price is a huge mining town, we did a tour of the Rio Tinto Open cut Iron ore mine, the tonka trucks were huge, Marlon thought it was great. Then we head further on to Karijini National Park. We camped at Dales camp and spent our days hiking and swimming the labyrinth of gorges. Wading freezing cold water with kids on the shoulders through ducts and ladders and tunnels to beautiful pools. We were going to stay a day and stayed 5 hiking different gorges everyday.

Then onto Eighty Mile beach via Port Hedland. Port Hedland is a huge mining port and not a place we choose to pause. Eighty Mile was a great place to shower and wash after lacking these amenities for a week. Huge wide beaches with 8 metre tides. Then to Barn Hill a cheap camp outside Broome. Really pretty beaches with red cliffs.

Yesterday we arrived in Broome. We were expecting the worse but pleasantly surprised. Really pretty, like Byron Bay a little. Cable beach is nice, kids have been surfing here and having a blast. Tonight watched the sunset and then watched the moonrise over the mud flats and reflect on the mudflats ‘Staircase to the moon’. Suprisingly stunning. The next few days we will finish exploring Broome then head onto Derby and Gibb River Road.

We hope everyone is well back at home and enjoyinglife. We miss you all very much and think of you often. We love getting you emails. Keep in touch. Speak to you soon, Mel, Harry, Piper and Marlon XXXXX


Scratch said...

Hi team Griswold, great to hear from you again;Great shots ,all looks amazing and am green with envy.Keep up the news, we check every day for new stosies and shots.All our love scratch,corinne and Lola

Weiry & Mandy said...

Hi Harrisons, great to see your great photos, they look fantastic, con't believe how the kids are growing, they'll be adults by the time you get back.
Sounds like an amazing time, keep on enjoying it as much as Mand & I are enjoying following you. Great to hear your voice the other night H, we'll talk again soon.
Lots of love, Weiry & Mandy

amanda mc said...

hi guys. love your great stories & pics. Amazing underwater adventures!you all look a million bucks! the wandering life agrees wit hyou all!took your advice mel & went cold turkey re clem/boobies & job done in 3 days. weight off my shoulders. (& boobs).had a great grown up fun time in vegas, lots of yummy margaritas & sunshine! bringing home a few bobcats etc & Tony wants to go back for more!