Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hi everyone
after many online password glitches we are able to access and post on the road. Well after a huge amount of effort from all parties we moved out of our place into mum and dads, packed caravan and depart two days after our scheduled departure date of Friday 18th Jan to leave on Sunday 20th. Our aplogies to all on not being able to catch up proior to depature but things got really crazy.
First day we drove to Princetown near Port Campbell. We stayed here for 4 nights and caught our breath. Had a couple of surfs but nothing epic as swell huge. We then head to Warrnabool. We had great weather and surf here and spent the next 5 nights there. Yesterday we left the big W and crossed the border into South Oz, we really feel we are on our way now. We have parked ourselves at Beachport for a couple of nights then heading to Robe and onto Victor Harbour.

Caravan is great, very comfy and spacious. Packed well at this point not missing. Kids are settling into life on the road, and Piper started Harrison Primary School today. Harry and I are slowly unwinding, it will take a bit as we were sprung like coils!!! Speak soon Love MMMPXXX

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triggs said...

hi happy 123and4.You guys had better slow down or you'll run out of highway.Cant believe your already in S.A.At present Simon and I are set to hit gnarloo on the 1st of June but if the scheduled comp goes ahead on the 14th of june we will probably go earlier.Fordy's on the peninsula so we are off to gunna and spooks in the morning.Piper and Marlin Im missing your smiling faces .Dont forget your old pals back at Pt leo.Yours Triggs